I just moved to London =) Any of you dear followers live here?

Cut the Rope

is fuckin dope :D

There was a huge snowfall here today. A strange beginning for spring. Me and my sister, we played like when we were kids, it was great. We made this snowwoman :D

at the Christmas Work Party

Just my usual self and a glass of hazelnut cappuccino.

New shoes/boots by Rieker for winter. Very warm and cozy. I hope they won’t disappoint! 

Me on the 9th of February, with freshly cut hair.


cleaning the insides of my keyboard is clearly one of the most disgusting things i have ever done. at least i have the screen kb and nice music while i am working.

damn, it is taking too long :( 

I bought myself a few cool things after the party we planned got canceled. I hope I won’t wear out my new pair of Fishbone shoes too soon. My mobile’s camera doesn’t like very close macro shots, so I might have to shoot it with my new earguns :)

Luckily they were very cheap so I bought a skirt, leggings and a coat as well. I know I’m the biggest cliché, but I love shopping so much!

The changing of my hair after I decided long hair was boring.

What do you think?

Crappy self portraits. :)

I am obsessed with Doomtree right now.

Don’t want to listen to anything else.


No! My phone wouldn’t charge so I had to take it to the service. I couldn’t even unroot it , because the usb connection also stopped working. I guess my warranty goes to litter now… I just wanted a new OS, so I could keep my apps on the sd card.

So for two weeks from now I have to use my old phone which sucks :\

Reblog with a photo of you as a child.

 Getting used to a pair of new teeth :D

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